“Transform yourself to transform the world”

– Grace Boggs


The Herrington Group (THG) leadership coaching practice focuses on supporting leaders up and down the organizational chart who are looking to expand their potential to lead from within. Our process helps clients lean in to their strengths and values to | shape their own outcomes and awaken transformational possibilities.

THG certification is through Leadership that Works’ Coaching for Transformation program, which is accredited through the International Coach’s Federation. Coaching for Transformation stands on the shoulders of the human development field, psychology, soul work from indigenous cultures, and theories of the East.

THG leadership coaching uniquely integrates these philosophies with diversity, equity and inclusion at the center to foster meaningful transformation and more inclusive leaders.

Anthony Herrington, President, The Herrington Group Image
Reasons to Consider A Coach
  • To increase your effectiveness as leader
  • To get support in being your best self and meeting goals
  • To connect with your personal mission and values
  • To get unstuck and make your present job/life more fulfilling
  • To plan a professional transition (job promotion or career change) based on what matters most to you
  • To decrease burnout
  • To make your present job/life more fulfilling
  • To get more organized and focus your energy
  • To create more balance in your life
What Coaching Is
  • Empowering and powerful questions, focused and fine-tuned planning tools, and accountability
  • A sacred space to talk about what’s most important, how to engage with it, and to co-create an action plan and accountability to get there
  • Pathways to get unstuck, move beyond limiting beliefs, reconnect with inner wisdom and truth and align that with the change you want to make in the world
  • An outside partner to act as your sounding board, witness, co-inventor of possibilities, asker of questions, champion, and accountability partner as you re-discover your strengths, passions, values and needs and navigate a path forward
  • Support for your personal responsibility and accountability for learning and growth
  • Space to bring all parts of your identity and culture to bear on the issue at hand
  • Connecting with the wisdom of the body
  • Making connections to systems, structures, power and privilege
What Coaching Is Not
  • A “fix-it” modality – unlike consulting, a coach does not provide expertise, answers and solutions, but rather serves as a guide to the coach partner
  • Therapy – coaching is not focused on healing psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, phobia, trauma, destructive behavior and addiction
Potential Outcomes
  • Less isolation in role as leader
  • A more inclusive leader
  • Increased or renewed energy, passion, alignment, and sense of resourcefulness
  • More fulfilling leadership role
  • Clarity about what is present and what is possible
  • Tools to take with you
  • Trust in yourself, your wisdom and your strength
  • Feeling of wholeness
  • Quieting the inner critic
  • Stretching beyond what’s comfortable
  • Coming into your power and being at choice

The Herrington Group coaching stand is to create a safe place where clients can explore the limitless power they have to tap into their own inner resourcefulness.

“Anthony is by far the best business coach I’ve ever engaged with, just the sheer exchange of energy and positivity helped me take leaps in my journey in creating my legacy.”

– Former Client

Interested in helping your organization improve business results through diversity and inclusion and help you and your organization thrive? Let’s start the conversation.

The Herrington Group is a Diversity & Inclusion consultancy that helps organizations increase innovation and business performance by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are valued, welcomed and able to contribute to their highest potential.

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