We help organizations create diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments where all employees are valued, welcomed, and able to contribute at their highest potential.


Ready to amplify performance through diversity and inclusion with an approach that engages the entire organization? Here’s how we help you get there:

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Diversity & Inclusion Consulting

Develop a diversity and inclusion strategy or optimize your existing approach.

Inclusive Leader Training

Develop more inclusive leaders and higher performing teams. 

Employee Resource Group Consulting

Launch ERG’s or amplify current ERG impact and effectiveness.

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Digital Tools

Integrate digital, self guided solutions to deepen impact and sustain results.

Interested in helping your organization improve business results through diversity and inclusion and help you and your organization thrive? Let’s start the conversation.

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(971) 263-9747‬


The Herrington Group is a Diversity & Inclusion consultancy that helps organizations increase innovation and business performance by fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where all employees are valued, welcomed and able to contribute to their highest potential.

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