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The Herrington Group partners with Lead Inclusively to serve clients with needs requiring scale and reach that digital, self guided solutions provide. Lead Inclusively is a technology enabled global diversity and inclusion consultancy that specializes in high-touch interaction and self-guided technology delivery options.

As part of the Lead Inclusively Partner Network, The Herrington Group provides digital solutions ranging from automated assessments, to elearning, and the Inclusion Virtual Coach App, that help enterprise clients scale and sustain their leadership development and culture transformation efforts.

Automated Assessment

Digital leadership assessments that measure the presence (or lack thereof) of key inclusive behaviors. Comes with a detailed findings report and custom action plan. Learn more at Lead Inclusively »

Immersive E-Learning

Short microlearnings that expand on unconscious bias awareness towards the implementation of key inclusive leadership behaviors. Built on two tracks – one for people managers and one for individual contributors. Learn more at Lead Inclusively »

The Inclusion Virtual Coach App

A pocket-sized coach that prompts leaders to utilize inclusive leadership behaviors at critical work-day moments, like meetings, hiring, performance evaluations and more.​ Learn more at Lead Inclusively »

Interested in helping your organization improve business results through diversity and inclusion and help you and your organization thrive? Let’s start the conversation.

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